Broom equilibrium, 2013
Untitled Collage, 2013
Love must undo or sever, 2013
Steel, paint, cast plaster
A gap in desire, 2013
Stainless steel, paint, Vinyl pin striping
Until it’s over, 2013
Handmade jute twine net, coconut, steel

115” x 12” x 8”
Glider, 2013
Welded steel, Pacific Ocean
45” x 48” x 20”
Inhaler, 2013
Mixed media

84”x 37” x 26”
So it goes, 2013
Granite countertop slab, Ikea Lerberg table legs, particle wood

32” x 36” x 18”
White lies & other small things, 2013
Found wood, paint, glue,

85” x 16” x 24”
Untitled, 2013.  
Danny Escalante
Untitled, 2013. Danny Escalante.
Spring semesters off to a great start.  Had a good crit of my show This…And Other Myths, in Mario Ybarra Jr.’s class, and went to Andrea Fraser’s lecture last night.  Looking forward to Ind. study with Sam Durant, and Rebecca Ripple.  I’m also really excited for Harry Gamboa’s LA Urbanscape: Image, Words & Acts. 
This … And Other Myths
Autobust (Taken with Cinemagram)