Mario Ybarra Jr. Girl in Buffet  2013
This will be on billboards along the 10, from California to Florida, beginning the end of the month for the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project. Can’t wait to see them in the wild!
Broom equilibrium, 2013
Sea Lava Circles, 1988, Richard Long at The Chinati Foundation
El Cosmico
Judd house
90, Tx
Untitled Collage, 2013

I should have thought this through and asked more questions, but now I know I’ve lost her because she bit me yesterday.  I would have gotten more love out of lying and trying to bribe her with a sandwich in the mornings.

An asymptotic relationship with the self.
Love must undo or sever, 2013
Steel, paint, cast plaster
A gap in desire, 2013
Stainless steel, paint, Vinyl pin striping
Until it’s over, 2013
Handmade jute twine net, coconut, steel

115” x 12” x 8”
Glider, 2013
Welded steel, Pacific Ocean
45” x 48” x 20”